Internet Safety – The Essentials

Internet safety resources:
Cyberbullying resources:

1. What goes on the Internet stays on the internet!

a. It is possible to search archives of web pages back to 1998 using the Wayback Machine at:
b. Be careful what you post. Others can copy and download your photos and videos.
c. Colleges and future employers can search for you.

2. Protect your identity

a. Search for yourself. Put your name in quotes and search in Google.
b. Perform separate searches for your screen names, your address and any other personal information that might be out there.
c. If you find yourself someplace you don’t want to be, email the Website and ask them to remove your information.
d. Don’t use your first and last name for your email address – create a separate public e-mail address.
e. Check what your friends are doing with their identity – they might be giving out information about you that you don’t want shared.

3. Protect yourself

a. Never agree to meet someone that you only know from the Internet.
i. 14 year old boy on the Web might actually be a 40 year old man.
b. Never give your password or username to anyone.
c. If you are suspicious – go directly to the Website – don’t follow the link in your e-mail.
d. Never download anything from anyone you don’t know.

4. Remember your Netiquette!

a. Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.
b. Don’t hide behind your anonymity
c. Remember – the written word can be misinterpreted – if it important say it face-to-face.
d. If you feel uncomfortable or that you are being bullied
i. Save or print a transcript of the interaction.
ii. Tell a parent or a teacher.
iii. Walk away – close the browser, turn off the computer.
e. The same rules apply online as offline.